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The public listing process is complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. We know because our team has successfully helped list hundreds of companies. 

Our clients look to us for advice on optimal ways to access equity markets to solve their financing needs and benefit from our origination, structuring, and distribution capabilities.

Our Capital Markets team can arrange financing for companies in a wide range of industries for equity and equity-linked securities, including:​

  • Initial public offerings

  • Follow-on equity issues

  • Registered directs

  • At-the-market offerings

  • SPACs

  • Convertible issues

  • Rights offerings

  • Preferred offerings

  • PIPEs

  • Private placements

You can take advantage of our extensive institutional and retail networks for new product distribution, plus distribution capabilities in major financial centers around the world. From initial application to the bell ringing on the floor/platform of your chosen exchange, we will serve as your primary point of contact on all listing matters.​

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