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Freedom Markets Advisory Services

Tailored advisory solutions to address your business challenges; discover what Freedom Markets Advisory Services can do for your business.

Freedom's advisory team is comprised of seasoned US Exchange experts, regulators, and capital market professionals. Our team has significant expertise in guiding businesses through the IPO and capital formation process.

We understand how complicated and time-consuming the IPO process can be, which is why we strive to provide a comprehensive and streamlined service that allows you to concentrate on growing your business. From advising on corporate governance and compliance problems to guiding you through the listing application process, roadshow preparation, and investor outreach, our team can manage the entire process.

Our services are intended to reduce uncertainty, cost, and time, enabling you to confidently accomplish a successful listing on a US exchange. We take a hands-on approach to each assignment and make sure that our services fit your needs and goals.

At Freedom Advisory, we take pride in our knowledge, integrity, and dedication to delivering the best service possible. We work tirelessly to ensure that our clients are in the best possible situation to achieve their objectives and maximize their potential.

We would be pleased to work with you to accomplish your goals if you are considering an IPO or listing on a US exchange. Please do not hesitate to reach us if you have any questions about our services.

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Freedom Markets Advisory Services (FMAS) aims to provide a full suite of expertise to companies looking to take the next step, whether that’s preparing for pre-IPO financing, conducting a full-scale IPO readiness program, or maintaining liquidity and stability in their public currency.

Advisory Services​

  • Corporate Governance Review & Implementation

  • Mergers & Acquisitions Introductions and Process Management

  • IPO / Public Market Readiness Program

  • Uplisting Advisory & Process Management

  • External Advisory Team Assembly (IR/PR, Legal, Accounting, etc.)

  • BoD or Strategic Advisory Board Service & Recommendations

  • HR Placement Services or Strategic Hiring Recommendations

Business Lines

Public Markets Readiness Program
Providing invaluable guidance on corporate governance, cap table structuring, introductions to major exchanges, analysis of alternative “go-public” options, and more
Capital Markets & Corporate Advisory
Shaping companies to be “camera ready” through board member and advisor recommendations, governance programs, and custom capital markets roadmaps

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Advancing Business Transformation

We guide our clients through various stages of growth by preparing internal and external processes to access quality funding solutions. Our partnership assists with the realization of your business vision and viable exit plans.

We work with emerging-growth companies to identify the proper structure and process for capital formation​.

We have broad global relationships with venture capital, growth equity, private equity, family offices, institutional investors, hedge funds, debt providers, and strategic corporate organizations.​

When appropriate, our team has access to global investment banks and institutions to assist with capital raises.

Our Advisory Services

The team at Freedom Markets Advisory Services is comprised of former U.S. Exchange experts, regulators and capital market professionals. The team’s extensive knowledge brings clarity to the IPO process and the capital formation structure.


We allow you to focus on building your business while we manage the entire IPO process, reducing uncertainty, cost and time.

Pre-IPO Assessment​

  • Feasibility assessment of business readiness on pre-IPO or Up-listing

  • IPO market conditions and timing

  • Competitive analysis of sector, including detailed comparable company valuations

  • Review of corporate and governance structure

  • Identification, analysis and strategy to mitigate potential investor risks and concerns

IPO Readiness Services

  • IPO readiness and execution support

  • Provide ADR and international listing services

  • Sourcing and introduction of potential global investors

  • Tailored advice on mergers and acquisitions

  • Executive recruitment and board candidates

  • Creation of Business plans and equity pitch

  • Identification of appropriate timelines for capital raising

  • Identify and manage underwriters’ selection process

  • Introduction and selection of Legal Counsels

  • Investor relations and communications strategy

Post-IPO Assessment​

  • Feasibility assessment of business readiness on pre-IPO or Up-listing

  • IPO market conditions and timing

  • Competitive analysis of sector, including detailed comparable company valuations

  • Review of corporate and governance structure

  • Identification, analysis and strategy to mitigate potential investor risks and concerns

OTC Uplisting To NASDAQ or NYSE

Freedom’s advisory team has helped more than 200 companies with Nasdaq Stock Market and New York Stock Exchange listings. Nasdaq and NYSE are the most prestigious and well-regarded exchanges in the world, and a listing on Nasdaq or NYSE can provide a number of benefits for your company:

  • Enhance Visibility and Credibility

  • Improve Valuation

  • Access to Capital through global investors

  • Trading Liquidity

  • Corporate Governance


Uplisting to the Nasdaq or NYSE does not come without obstacles. Our team at Freedom can meticulously design a program that takes into account costs and listing requirements.


Our team can position your company for long-term success and development upon Uplisting to Nasdaq or NYSE in order to foster shareholder and stakeholder confidence.

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Continuing Listing and Regain Listing Services

Due to unfavorable market conditions, we recognize that, as a public company, it is possible for a company to fail to meet the continuing listing requirements. 


We collaborate with the principal exchange and the company’s management team to design and implement the following steps:


  • Price Valuation (Buyback or Reverse Splits)

  • Capital Financing and Evaluation (including debt and equity)

  • Business Operations

  • Investor Relations Enhancement

  • Corporate Governance

  • Merger or Partnership to Increase Shareholder Value


We believe our strategy will enable companies to satisfy the minimum listing requirements for price, equity, and shareholder value. We are committed to executing the plan with diligence and urgency to assist the company in regaining the trust of its investors, customers, and other stakeholders.

Why Freedom Markets Advisory Services?

Overall, Freedom Markets Advisory Services offers a convenient and efficient way for companies to manage their visibility and financial activities, with access to a range of resources and services in a single platform.

Freedom provides a comprehensive platform for clients to access a broad range of investor visibility and corporate finance services. Clients can save time and effort in managing their equity story and financial activities by consolidating numerous services into a singular platform.

Clients can benefit from:

  • Capital advisory,

  • Investor messaging,

  • Investor conferences,

  • Research, and

  • Corporate access

These are critical components of gaining awareness and visibility with prospective investors. Freedom provides clients with access to these resources, helping prospective investors make more informed investment choices and stay up to date on your company's trends and developments.

Furthermore, investment banking services are available through independent affiliated investment banking entities within Freedom, through which clients can obtain capital and execute complex financial transactions. This can be especially useful for clients looking to raise capital or engage in mergers and acquisitions.

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